Adventures on the Night Train: 5 Truths About Sleeper Trains in China


Sounds magical, doesn’t it? “The night train”. Almost like the Cadbury-coloured, three-storey beaut Harry Potter frequents.

It was actually one of my bucket list goals to try it, and with sleeper train travel being the most common way to get around in China (inner city stations are literally like airport terminals), it was only a matter of time before I was able to make that little dream of mine – a reality.


We were travelling as a group from Beijing South to Zhengzhou, to see the Shaolin temple. Full of jittery excitement like a kid before Christmas, I skipped along the platform happily snapping pictures of the carriages.

Everyone else seemed to be reluctantly dragging themselves along… perhaps they knew what was to come.

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Things to Download Before You Hit the Great Firewall of China

In the run up to my trip, I made list after list, read “what to pack – the essentials” on travel blogs galore and was feeling pretty smug that I’d rammed my backpack full of everything I could possibly need…IMG_0187

To my peril, I forgot about one minor detail… the whole of the internet in censored in China, so the sites / apps we take for granted in the West, are all blocked.

Fab. There’s nothing like spending weeks packing, making sure you’re totes prepared, and then realising you’re completely UN-prepared. Yup, it sucks.

Fortunately for you, I’ve made a list of everything that was missing from my smartphone. ‘Cos I’m nice like that ;)…

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