Climbing The Great Wall of China, Again.


The last time I visited the Great Wall (July 2013), the weather was not on my side.

*Flashback 2 years: We trekked up to the summit at Badaling in the choking heat. Choking in a literal sense because the smog was so bad I felt like I’d been smoking 30-a-day since the age of 12 and I could hardly see my hand in front of my face.

So there was no hope in hell to spot the miles of mountains and the “wonder” of the largest man-made structure in the world, which took blood, sweat and thousands of lives to build, snaking into the distance.

It was a nightmare.

But ever the optimist and willing to give most things the benefit of the doubt, I went in for round two on my visit to China in 2015, in the hope that a second attempt would have me eating my words completely.

Once again, I was proved wrong.

*Cue a ton of selfies. Not sorry.


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