Train Tripping China From East to West: The Good, The Bad, The Downright Ugly

Train Tripping China

One of the best ways to get from A to B in China is to TRAIN IT.

Inner city train stations are huge, literally like airports – without the planes; housing everything from check in desks, security and shopping malls, to a grand selection of fast food chains and cake shops. Not to mention the zillions of platforms with an array of weird and wonderful sleeper carriages, slow trains and bullet trains ready to whizz off to the far reaches of the Chinese borders.

A few weeks in to my virgin voyage travelling solo, I decided to get adventurous ambitious.

Knowing I needed to be in Chengdu, in the West, for my outbound flight to Japan in 2 weeks time; I thought it might be a nice idea to train trip across the country from Shanghai, in the East, and stop off at a few places along the way that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. AND a great excuse to test my metal in speaking Mandarin.

FYI, “Wo bu dong le” (I don’t understand) was my favourite phrase.

Here’s how I got on. All of it. The smiles, the sights and the hysterical sobs (yeah, that happened)… Continue reading