My First Hostel Experience (Review: Le Tour Traveller’s Rest, Shanghai)


I’m an utter snob.

There, I said it.

Hostels, to me, seemed like a weird sort of transit place where hordes of grubby travellers in limbo use, abuse and sleep in dorms with floor-to-ceiling beds, before moving on to their next destination.

Truth is, I’m now one of them

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Top Tips: How to Pack Light for Long-Term Travel


A few months weeks ago, I would have laughed square in your face if you’d have told me I’d only be taking hand-luggage away with me for 6+ months.

PAH! What? Me? The girl who less-than-elegantly dragged a 20kg wheelie-case around the rugged streets of Bangkok?

…that I’d somehow manage to choose a small selection of clothes, cram my junk into a lowly rucksack and trek around with the remnants of my life strapped to my back.

HAHA! That’s hilarious! Geez Louise! Don’t make me chuckle.

Well check me and my snazzy GIF. I’ve actually mastered it, this wee beauty weighs in at just under 9kg and is within my hand baggage allowance! No cheats, tricks or undetectable extension charms required.


Here’s how.

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