A 5 Night Love Affair with Shanghai


It’s 9.30pm on my 5th and final night in Shanghai.

Like a crazy woman on a mission, I ditched my cosy dorm room bed, ran out into the street and strode around the block to Jing’An Temple in my neon orange pyjama top, jeans and my freshly washed hair slapping against my face.

I looked insane.

Not even the warm hue of the Gucci neon signs or the ultra-chic locals, fresh from after-work drinks, could drown me out.



Because I’ve eaten too many dumplings and my brain is clouded with oodles of that oh so delicious baozi bread…?

Nope. I think I’ve fallen for Shanghai.


I’d struggle to count on one hand the list of places I’ve been to, but felt like I’m wrenching a gut to leave.

New York, nice, but a little underwhelmed.
France, great food, but just confusing.
Beijing, practically made of smog.

But Shanghai, is a whole other world.

Snip20150514_62015-04-12 11.53.02

Shanghai is how I’d imagined New York to be; full of culture, shadowed by skyscrapers and filled with trendy Wendys and their city broker boyfriends – with an Asian twist. Yes, it’s widely considered to be the most Western place in China, but having experienced quite a few places in the country already, for me, it hasn’t lost its oriental charm.


So it’s with a heavy heart that I bid my goodbyes to Shanghai.

I leave feeling fresh, inspired and excited for my onward journey, train tripping China from East to West.

On to my next adventure.

TTFN, old buddy, old pal.



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