An Unconventional Travel Product Review: Aesop Jet Set

2015-03-23 12.27.56I received this beautiful travel-sized toiletries set as a leaving gift from one of my work friends, so I thought I’d get my amateur ‘beauty blogger’ hat on and try my luck with a review.

The stuff was great, I smothered it all over my body and re-enacted Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball. The end.

(JOKES, that would be wildly inappropriate)

Here’s my product review of the Aesop ‘Jet Set’ travel kit.

Things to write home about…

It makes my skin glow like Beyonce’s.

…You know, B. She’s just got that dewy glow which makes her look like she bathes in shimmer. Either that, or she’s just got back from a post-apocalyptic craft session with Blue Ivy. Damn, that kid loves those glitter glues.

Well, I reckon this stuff could give Bey a run for her money! I waltzed out of the shower this morning feeling fresh!

Giiiirl, my skin was oh so shiny and soft! And it stayed like that pretty much all day!

2015-03-23 12.27.19

It smells GREAT.

Each 50ml concoction is bursting with a devine blend of tropical fruits and spices, like geranium leaf, cedar wood bark and mandarin rind. So if you shut your eyes, it’s basically like trading your bog-standard power shower with standing underneath a rainforest waterfall.

Mmm fruity.

Stick on some background noise like squawking birds, crickets or monkeys… and bobs your uncle, you could basically be in Bali.

2015-03-23 12.26.22

Quotes galore!

I love a good quote. A nice philosophical jobby will do me fine thank you. They whisk me away into a world of hope, inspiration and wonderment. That’s what quotes were put on this earth for, after all!

If you just peep inside the box, there’s a beautiful one by Henry David Thoreau: “The world is but a canvas for our imaginations”.

Naww, thanks fella.

2015-03-23 12.23.03

Other loves…

10/10 for packaging. Handy travel-sized bottles and great quality cardboard box (I’m not even being sarcy…).

All natural ingredients. You know me, hippie at heart. Love a bit of nature-ism… (let’s stop, I think that could be something else).

The only teensy, maybe not so tiny downside. At £29.99 a pop, I probably wouldn’t buy the Aesop Jet Set kit for myself. It’s just not the kind of money I would usually spend on shower products.

But it is a lovely treat to have in your rucksack if you’re travelling for the next few months, knowing that your next wash (whenever that may be) is guaranteed to be extra special.

I really do have a way with words sometimes… *sigh.



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