Recipe: Simple Step-by-Step Chinese Dumplings

Say hello to your new best friends, Chinese Jiaozi or dumplings!


I’ve been making these bad boys ever since I arrived back from Chengdu; suffering from post-China travel-blues, a gargley belly and craving healthy Oriental food i.e. the stuff you can’t find for love nor money in your local takeaway.

Trust me, these deceptively wrinkly-looking things are little parcels of heaven.

I’ve since convinced all of my friends and family to join me in the kitchen and taste-test my wares (not that they need much persuading) – and they all love them! So I thought I’d share my super simple recipe for guo tie dumplings (锅贴) with you, so you can give them a go too!

They might just change your mealtimes life.

Here’s what you’ll need to make 10-12 dumplings:


2 sausages

1/2 carrot

10 – 12 dumpling wrappers (which you can buy from a Chinese supermarket, usually frozen)

Ginger or garlic (or both, providing you don’t have a hot date to go to…)

Green veg (I’ve chosen asparagus, because that’s just what I found in my fridge, but you could use celery, leeks or cabbage)

A smidgen of milk (for binding the dumpling wrappers)

Traditional recipes use minced pork or chicken, but I prefer sausage meat because it binds the ingredients together better.

STEP 1: Grate, chop and mush up 


STEP 2: Squidge together 


STEP 3: Put a bit of the mixture in the middle of the wrapper (chopsticks make you look cool optional)


STEP 4: Dabble edges with milk 


STEP 5: Fold edges and seal together 


STEP 6: Fry bottoms in oil


STEP 7: Add boiling water (carefully) and steam! Water should come to about half-way up dumplings. Cover with lid.


STEP 8: Meanwhile, make dip by chucking some soy sauce, a few drops of sesame oil and sprinkles of chilli flakes 


STEP 9: Take a peek at dumplings after about 10 minutes (until inners firm and wrappers clear)


STEP 10: All that’s left to do is dish up and OMNOMNOMNOM 


Best. Thing. Ever.



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