Escape to Another Country… In Your Living Room!

It’s just under 2 months, around 8 weeks, exactly 56 days until I start my travels… Not that I’m counting! Biding the time in the run-up to a new adventure can be tough and if you hadn’t already noticed, I’m getting very itchy feet!


In the meantime, I’ve devised a few little tricks to keep myself occupied – in other words, fooling myself into thinking I’m somewhere exotic from the comfort of my sofa!

Here are my 5 holiday-from-home hacks…

Step 1. Burn some incense

Some might argue a large G+T does the trick after a long day! But for me, there’s nothing more soothing than the cleansing aroma of burnt incense. It’s like a giant aromatic hug! Mine’s lavender, thyme and orange blossom, and one whiff takes me right back to last summer at Zoo Project in Ibiza with the girls. We sat in a circle in a tipi, inhaling spices, swaying to banjo music and being wafted with seagull wings (that’s another story…). Devine.


Step 2. Shake up a cocktail (or mocktail, in my case)

I challenged myself to ‘dry January’ this year, after waking up last Christmas morning with a stonking headache and swearing never to be within arms length of tequila again! I know, I know, shots on Christmas Eve… rookie big mistake. But it’s going well so far and I feel fantastic, so decided to whip up a virgin cocktail, instead of the real deal, which always remind me of muggy holiday evenings at a beach bar, sipping something cold and delicious.


This one’s mixed with sparkling elderflower water, a squidge of lemon, mint, frozen cherries and ice. Oooh yeah.

Calm App

Step 3. Relaxing background noise

Music really helps me to relax, but for the purposes of switching into holiday-mode I’ve been loving the ‘Calm’ app. It’s totally free from the App Store and has 3 different scenes (Sunset Beach, Rain on Leaves and Mountain Lake) to choose from, which play in the background whilst an automated voice talks you through relaxing your body and mind. You could also Google sounds of trickling water, chirping birds or tune in to Classic FM, which would have a similar effect I guess! I find the app really helps to clear my head, which is usually swimming with thoughts by teatime!

Step 4. Read a book

Reading is a great escape from reality, I find a really good book can whisk me away into an entirely different world whilst everything else is going on around me. I also tend to read more on holiday too, so introducing a book into my evenings is a wonderful way to break the routine!

Current read: Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth, I love the BBC series so thought it was only fair to try the original!

Step 5. Frame your holiday snaps!

Ahh, I love reminiscing with old photos but I’m totally guilty of keeping them stashed in my cupboard and collecting dust since they were taken. I’ve bought loads of new photo frames, some of which were super cheap in the sales / from £1 stores, so decided to display my memories around my home. Thought it would be apt to use the apple frame for my snaps from NYC *oh so cute*!


Just 5 little ways you can pretend you’re holidaying on a school night! Thanks for reading!



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