3 Reasons Why I Love Green Tea!


The one thing that’s constant in my life is tea, mainly of the green variety – though I do like a good builder’s now and again. I feel like every sip whisks me back to a luscious bamboo garden somewhere in China, surrounded by the clinking and shuffling of mahjong tiles and old ladies practicing Tai Chi.

Well, that’s the corny version…

Truth is, I’m generally quite rubbish at being healthy. My only form of exercise is legging it for the commuter train in a morning, with a hearty breakfast of chocolate and milk jiggling around in my belly. So a few cups of the green stuff a day makes me feel slightly less guilty about everything else!

I know quite a few people rave about its health benefits, some even say green tea can help you to lose weight! I’m not writing this blog to preach deep healing properties or blind you with scientific research, but thought I’d explain why I prefer going green…

1. Hydration

Sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it? Drinking keeps you hydrated… Wow! Revelation of the century there, Hannah (thank me later)! I actually struggle to drink plain water, so once I got over that rather bitter taste of green tea, I found it incredibly easy to keep up the habit. A slice of lemon helps to mellow the flavour too.

2. Way less caffeine

A mug of green tea has a lot less caffeine than the same amount of coffee or English Breakfast tea. That’s not to say you should pack away your beloved Starbucks mug and sling your cafetiere just yet! I still enjoy regular teas at home and treat myself to the odd latte in a proper coffee shop, but I don’t like the idea of polluting my body with too many stimulants everyday, if I can help it.

3. Antioxidants ahoy

I’m rarely ill, I usually come down with a seasonal cold once every 6 months and I think I have my li’l green friend to thank for that! Bit of a radical statement, but I also know how bloated, sniffly and generally ‘meh’ I feel when I don’t drink it! Now, whenever I’m coming down with something rotten, my first port of call (after the tissues) is my extra large teapot to make a strong brew.


So tea lovers, if you haven’t tried it already – I urge you to give it a whirl!

I find the imported green tea from a Chinese supermarket or health shop is best for beginners. It’s milder, cheaper and individually wrapped, ideal for popping in your bag on the way to work!


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