Places I’ve been: In pictures


I always feel in a weird limbo after I’ve just booked a trip. Almost like I’m floating through life in a daydream, waiting for my next adventure to happen.

The difference this time though is that I’m not just going on a holiday. I’ve not got the comfort of an all-inclusive, two week package-jobby to look forward to and buy lots of generic neon bikinis for, whilst ‘real life’ is waiting to slap me in the face by the time I get back. Nope, I’m actually heading off on a one-way ticket with a just backpack, passport and a few couple of pairs of shoes. That’s it. It’s liberating!

Anyway, all this daydreaming got me to thinking it would be a good idea to write down where I’ve been before, before I become this er, ‘seasoned’ traveller (I wish!)… and it turns out, I’ve not done half bad so far!


July 2014. New York. On top of the Empire State Building with my sister and Dad (Mum was skulking in Macy’s, avoiding stairs, high heels and heights in general).


May 2014. Bangkok, Thailand. In the Grand Palace. Apparently sprinkling water lily droplets on your head is good luck!



July 2012. Sichuan, China. Probably where my travel bug started. On my first trip away without my parents to a summer school at Sichuan University! We spent two weeks learning Mandarin and Chinese culture – and I saw pandas!


 July 2012. Hong Kong. Trekking up to the world’s largest, seated, bronze buddha! About halfway up in 40 degree heat, phew!


April 2010. Rome, Italy. Girly holiday with my Mum and sister outside the Colosseum. We didn’t starve.


Last Summer. 2014. Ibiza, Spain. With the girls!



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